Mentality Streetwear Brand

The project –

Teambladi is one of my oldest clients and a project very close to my heart. I still work with them as their e-commerce manager and brand developer.
They originally came to me because they needed a webshop for their “future brand”.

It was a great collaboration from the beginning. I designed and established their brand identity, I have designed and still do many of their products. I take care of the manufacturers and also built and managed the teambladi webshop. It’s a great experience and I’m very grateful and honored to be part of this journey.

The Teambladi Logos

Let’s start with the logos – the brand overall has a very simple and modern design. The combination of black and white gives the brand a serious look with a little touch of luxury. It helps the customer focus on the brand’s message and makes it easier to promote a special event in the future with some bright colors. That’s why I decided to use 3 different logo types – a font logo, a brand symbol and a brand icon.

The font logo is simply the brand name in italic style – dynamic, easy to read and recognizable. For the brand symbol, the letter TB was used and combined with it to create a distinctive look.
I wanted the brand symbol to represent some of the core characteristics of the brand – that’s why I chose the wolf. The wolf represents unity, family, leadership, dedication and willpower. It is actually the perfect representation of Teambladi’s core values.

The webshop

About the webshop – for the first 2 years (2018-2020) I used CMS WooCommerce for In 2020, I decided to switch the CMS to Shopify as it was a better fit for the brand’s needs – easier access and handling for employees and easy product management for a larger product range. I programmed some additional features for the web store, such as product variations with redirection to the right product page and handling via the product details page. I am a big fan of Shopify and my programming skills make it easy for me to modify the web store and add some unique features that make the store stand out from the crowd.

The products

As for the products, I helped design most of the apparel techpacks and also manage Teambladi’s manufacturers – from finding the right business partner, to sampling, to finalizing the order and importing the goods.

All in all, I’m very happy to work with Teambladi and be part of their journey – 0% Smalltalk. 200% Grind. They talk. We hustle.


    Teambladi - The Mentality Streetwear Brand

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    February 2018 - on going


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