Bubble Waffles, Crêpes & Arabic Sweets


The project – sweetzone15.at

Sweetzone15 is a store for bubble waffles, crêpes and Arabic sweets in the heart of West Vienna. They needed a simple website for their customers with the most important information about their business. It was also very important for them to be able to use GIFs on social media to increase reach and also offer something special to their customers.

The website

For the website, I used a responsive HTML layout because they only wanted a single page with fast loading time. I did not use a CMS because the preloading time of the CMS would have reduced the sitespeed. I set up the web space and domain, coded the website and also created a business mail account for their domain.
I really enjoyed working on the project for Sweetzone15 because it wasn’t a complex project with a lot of requirements, but still left enough room for creativity.
The main colors of the logo played a big role and were the focus throughout the process – the client should easily recognize the brand and associate the colors with it. The combination of infinity scroll banners (the background changes as you scroll), the images of the products and the bright colors make it the perfect representation of the brand.

Sweetzone15 GIFs

To apply for a brand account on Giphy, you must first have a website. I took care of the registration and also designed and prepared the GIFs. To date, the Sweetzone15 GIFs have reached more than 3 million views – it’s really one of the best ways to promote your brand and business for free! Of course, it takes some time, but it’s definitely worth it.

All in all, I’m very happy to work with Sweetzone15 and be part of their digital journey. And yes, their Bubble Waffles are really that good – tried them myself!


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