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The project –

The family owned company Reinbau GesmbH is specialised in building construction and civil engineering. One of the biggest companies in Austria are long-term customers, so they wanted to step up their digital representation game. Reinbau GesmbH needed a new, modern website, which highlights their already finished projects, some reviews of their customers, to promote their services and also make it easy for their customers to get in contact with them. Reinbau GesmbH also asked me to redesign/refurbe their current company logo.

The website

For the website, I decided to use the CMS WordPress – it makes it easy to add future projects, images and reviews to the website and also is great to use as a digital portfolio. Their old website was also based on WordPress so the decision was quite easy to make.

To give it a professional yet modern feel, I decided to keep it simple and clean – I opted for the 3 brand colors that clients are already familiar with. Too many colors and too many visual effects can easily annoy website visitors – aesthetics are important, but ultimately the client is visiting the site to do business, so my job was to make it as easy as possible for them to access the information they need. Another important aspect was converting visitors into customers – especially for Reinbau GesmbH, since most of the time potential customers end up on their website – so it was important to place a contact form and all the needed information on every page.

Reinbau GesmbH Logo

For the logo, they wanted something modern, but still very similar to their previous logo. I reworked their old logo by keeping the colors and creating a similar style with the roof and baseline. I changed the font to a sans serif to make it more readable. This is especially important on construction sites – not only to be legible for pedestrians, but also for people driving by. It’s also one of the best changes to attract new customers and website visitors!

I’m very happy with the outcome of the project and I’m glad that I was able to contribute to the improvement of the digital presentation.

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